What is Mobile Marketing?

“Businesses communicating with consumers on their mobile phones with their explicit permission at the right time, at the right place while providing relevant value.”

Why You Need Mobile Marketing

When you define a marketing strategy and objectives, it is appropriate to consider whether to use mobile marketing as part of your marketing mix.

You want to build and nurture communication relationships with your customer. Your ultimate goal as a marketer is to have an ongoing, two-way communication relationship with your customer. Remember that communication is about a dialogue, a 2-way communication. Your only communication tool that allows your customer to initiate this communication relationship at any time and from any place, is the mobile phone.

Therefore mobile should not only be part of your marketing strategy, but it should be at the heart of all your marketing efforts. Keep in mind what Eric Schmidt, the CEO of Google, stated:

“The next big wave in advertising is the mobile internet”

If you are looking to integrate Mobile Marketing with your current marketing efforts and you want to set-up a Mobile Friendly Website for your business, go to the:


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How To Use Mobile Marketing

Using mobile devices to market your product and services, you need to have permission and you need to communicate with the customer at the right time.

Mobile Marketing is also about providing relevant value. Value pertains to people receiving information (value) when they need it.

With mobile you are allowed one-on-one communication. It can be personal, you can get feedback and it can be ongoing. When using other means of advertising (TV, radio, print) it must all drive to mobile. It is important to keep communicating with your customers and not just do a once-off mobile marketing campaign.

This can be done by creating a permanent mobile presence, for example having a mobile friendly website or even a .mobi website. When you start a .mobi website, have a long term objective and ensure that you have a separate search engine entry for your mobi website.

In conclusion, it is better to include Mobile Marketing in your marketing strategy from the beginning.

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